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16 Mar 2020

Combatting COLD and FLU Season

When temperatures drop, the risk for illness, such as colds and the flu, rises. Each year, millions of Americans suffer from symptoms...

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12 Mar 2020

Keeping Your Family Safe with the BEST. BRUSH. EVER.

In a time when we are all taking extra care to wash our hands and avoid the spread of germs - don’t forget about...

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04 Mar 2020

4 Things About Dental Implants That Make Your Day Better

Getting ready for the morning remains uncomplicated. You use your favorite toothpaste and brush the implants just as you used to do...

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03 Mar 2020

4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush!

Easter is a time for celebrating Spring, enjoying friends and family and of course, indulging in some sweets! For kids in particular,...

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25 Feb 2020

Tooth Banking – Even Better than Cord Blood?

You've undoubtedly heard of cord blood banking. It's the process of preserving umbilical cord blood, and it's done to save a newborn's...

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