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25 Feb 2020

5 Top Benefits of Having a Dental Insurance Plan

Most of us hardly ever think about our teeth. Sure, we may brush and floss daily, but other than that, our teeth...

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10 Feb 2020

Should You Go Keto? Here's the Science...

It turns out that ramping up your fat intake — and ditching most carbs — is the quickest, most effective way to...

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30 Jan 2020

How a Luxurious Overnight Can Make You a Better for Everyone

A recent trip reinforced that I don’t need to feel guilty about it either.

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22 Jan 2020

4 Ways to Buy a Little More Happiness

While you probably won't find lasting happiness based entirely on how much money you manage to amass, the way you spend your...

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08 Jan 2020

Dirty Truth About Your Child's Toothbrush

Nearly every parent struggles with getting their kids to brush their teeth. Establishing proper dental habits is vitally important  to ensuring a...

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