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16 Mar 2023

The Science Behind Silver: Silver As An Antimicrobial

Silver is a fascinating element with a rich history and many interesting properties. Did you know that silver is the most reflective element and can reflect up to 95% of light? It is also the best conductor of heat and electricity of all metals. In addition, silver has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and even today, some alternative medicine practitioners use silver in colloidal form to treat a variety of ailments, which is some of what we’re going to be exploring in this blog!

For centuries, we have used silver for its antimicrobial properties, and in ancient times, people used silver coins to purify water and store food. During the Middle Ages, silver was used to prevent the spread of disease - but, why is that?

How Does Silver Work as an Antimicrobial?
Silver works as an antimicrobial agent by disrupting the cellular processes of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The antimicrobial activity of silver is due to its ability to bind to the cell wall or membrane of microorganisms, interfering with their ability to function properly. Once bound to the cell wall or membrane, silver can inhibit essential metabolic processes, damage DNA, and disrupt the electron transport chain, leading to the death of the microorganism.

The effectiveness of silver as an antimicrobial agent is dependent on several factors, including the concentration of silver ions, the size and shape of the silver particles, and the type of microorganism targeted. For example, gram-negative bacteria are generally more resistant to silver than gram-positive bacteria due to the structure of their cell walls.

Applications of Silver as an Antimicrobial
Silver has a wide range of applications as an antimicrobial agent, including in medical devices, wound dressings, and consumer products. In medical devices, silver is often incorporated into the material of the device itself, such as catheters, to prevent infection. Silver-containing wound dressings are also used to prevent infections and promote healing in chronic wounds.

Silver is also used in consumer products, such as antibacterial soaps, toothpaste, and clothing.

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