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13 Jun 2024

Dr. Plotka's Believes in Equitable and Accessible Dental Care

Explore the importance of equitable and accessible dental care in maintaining oral hygiene and overall health. Learn about the barriers many people...

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03 Jun 2024

Dr. Plotka's is Busting Common Oral Hygiene Myths

Are you brushing too hard or skipping flossing because of misinformation? At Dr. Plotka’s, we are debunking common dental myths to help...

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15 May 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Travel Hygiene: Must-Haves for Wellness On-the-Go

Discover the must-have items for a healthy and worry-free summer adventure! From Dr. Plotka's Mouthwatchers Toothpaste to travel-sized hand sanitizers and reusable...

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06 May 2024

Budgeting Tips for Beating Inflation: How to Save on Household Essentials

Inflation creeping up and tightening the purse strings? Learn savvy budgeting tips to slash costs on household essentials without compromising quality. Discover...

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15 Apr 2024

Understanding the Risks: What Everyone Should Know About Oral Cancer

Discover essential facts about oral cancer, including common symptoms like mouth sores and difficulty swallowing, major risk factors such as tobacco use...

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