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03 Mar 2020

4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush!

Easter is a time for celebrating Spring, enjoying friends and family and of course, indulging in some sweets! For kids in particular, chocolate is a big part of this holiday - and as a possible result, cavities.

Does Sugar Really Cause Cavities? A Bit of Science...

What kids and parents may not know is that eating sugar causes an immediate acid surge which impacts the PH environment in your mouth.  This effect plays a major part in the development of cavities, tooth decay and inflammation.  To help rinse away this acid, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, have your sweets around the same time as your full meal (added saliva helps to rinse away acid) and brush more often if your sugar intake is high.


4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush!


1. Make Brushing Fun!

Have a timer for them to refer to, sing a silly song, make a game of who can get cleaner teeth, or have a sticker or special prize for every time they brush, floss and rinse. You can find a fun Dr. Plotka's Youth Kit here!

2. Establish Routine! 

If it becomes a habit to brush teeth after getting dressed in the morning and after getting pajamas on at night, kids are more likely to do it – it’s habit!

3. Schedule Regular Dental Visits! ...and stick to them. 

Find a dental office that works well with children and creates a safe and friendly environment.  Fear of the dentist is one of the top reasons people don’t go!

4. Find the Right Toothbrush! 

Dr. Plotka’s youth toothbrush will make such a difference in the cleanliness of a child/teen’s teeth that they will WANT to brush. In addition, the flossing bristles are great for teens or adults with braces.  Using a toothbrush that makes your mouth feel clean and healthy is imperative to adapting good habits.