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13 Jun 2022

Off To Summer Camp? Bring These Essentials!

Now that summer camps are back in the swing of things, and at this point, you have probably already selected the camp your child will attend and are getting ready to send them on their way! You’re probably wondering what essential items need to be packed. It’s no secret that the earlier you begin packing, the less stressed out you’re going to be — but first, you need a game plan and that’s what we are here to help you out with!

Before you rummage through their closets, check with the camp about their policies. Chances are, they will have a list of items that they supply for each camper. Additionally, they may provide a list of recommended or prohibited items that you should consult before stocking up. Now, let’s get started on that packing, shall we?


Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is essential to a healthy body, so packing your child a water bottle is a must. Water not only regulates the body during sports, games, and time in the sun, but, it also cleanses the mouth and prevents cavities! Helpful Hint: Choose a colorful bottle or one that has small milestones on the side so it makes drinking water more fun for your child!


Skin Protection

Sunscreen is a must for campers, and while you may not be on hand to apply it, you can try to make sure your kid has at least one bottle in their bag. There are dozens of options on the market - in fact it can be pretty overwhelming at time, so do your research to ensure you’re picking the right sunscreen for your child’s skin! You should also include a sun hat and sunglasses to provide a little extra coverage in case your child misses a spot with the sunscreen!




Shower Flip-Flops

The only thing grosser than a stinky camper is a germ-ridden shower floor. Protect your kid’s feet with a pair of inexpensive flip-flops they can wear to, from, and in the shower! You can find a wide selection of colorful kicks online or in big box stores such as Target, Walmart, and Kohls.


Orthodontics Gear

Do your kids wear a retainer or headgear? If so, be sure to pack it in your child’s bag and remind them to wear it while at camp. We know it isn’t always easy to remember, especially while you’re having fun at camp! If your budget allows and it is possible for you to do so, provide an extra one in case the gear is lost. It’s also important for you to go over how and where your child should store it while eating or when not in use.


Smile-Inducing Toiletries

The distraction of being away from home might tempt kids to abandon their daily brushing and flossing habits. So, give them a reason to care about oral health by packing their favorite flavored toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. Recommended for ages 3-12, teens with braces, or anyone who enjoys a smaller brush, Doctor Plotka's Youth Manual Toothbrush offers a breakthrough in oral care and is the perfect companion while your child is at summer camp!

And with that - our list of essentials is complete. Be sure to check with your chosen camp on policies for electronics, musical instruments, sports equipment, and special gear!