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30 Jun 2021

Must-Have Travel Toiletries You Need For Your Next Trip

Today we’re bringing you our must-have travel toiletries. With cities across the states reopening and travel at the highest it has been since the start of the pandemic these items will make your trip more comfortable and help you to be prepared for anything!

What are travel toiletries?

Travel toiletries are smaller in size or disposable hygiene or grooming items designed for travel. Unlike their home counterparts, these items are designed to be small and lightweight to make traveling easier.

What size travel toiletries can I bring on the plane?

This depends! According to the TSA if you are bringing your travel toiletries in a carry-on you need to keep liquid products under 3.4 ounces and they must fit into a quart-sized plastic bag for screening.

Plan to check your bag? This will allow for bigger products as the 3.4oz rule doesn’t apply. Still try to keep products small, bringing a full-sized shampoo will add quite a bit of weight and space to your suitcase, leaving less room for souvenirs and clothing!

Below is a handy chart from the TSA to refer to while packing.

Source: TSA

Travel Toiletry Must-Haves

Now that we’ve covered the basics it’s time to reveal our must-pack travel toiletries. Bringing these items along will ensure a smooth and comfortable trip!

 A Functional Toiletry Bag

A great toiletry bag will help you stay organized on your trip. Consider the size when choosing your bag, do you need this for personal use or will you be in charge of the entire family’s toiletries? Then consider the material, we recommend choosing a bag that is either plastic or waterproof making it easy to wipe down. Lastly, look for a toiletry bag with a lot of pockets, this will help everything have its place.

Hand Sanitizer

You won’t always be able to find a quick place to wash your hands, having hand sanitizer in your travel toiletries arsenal will help you keep germs at bay anywhere you go.

Travel Toothbrush

Skip your regular and bring your travel toothbrush instead! Our Travel Toothbrush makes a great option with its silver-infused bristles that can naturally eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi within 6 hours, plus our dual-layered thin flossing bristles help reach places other brushes miss. It’s a great option!


As you travel climates will be different. Airplanes also tend to be dry with humidity under 20%. Combat dry itchy skin and bring along a moisturizer to ensure your skin stays healthy and moisturized even in the driest of climates!

Travel Containers

This is a must on our travel toiletries list! Save on waste and bring your favorite products along by using travel containers. These containers are designed to bring along on air travel and are often less likely to leak than a traditional toiletry bottle!

Multi-Use Products  

To save room in your luggage consider bringing products that can be of multiple uses such as 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, or a dry oil that could moisturize your skin and hair. This reduces what you pack and saves coveted space in your toiletry bag!

There you have it, our top travel toiletries you must pack for your next trip! Did we miss anything? What is your go-to toiletries to pack? Head to the comments and let us know!