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12 Dec 2022

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Still searching for the perfect stocking stuffers and feel like you’re running out of time? Don’t worry! The team at Mouthwatchers has done some research and we found some of the coolest trinkets and gadgets for everyone in your family and friend group - and best of all, most of our selections are $30 or less!


Revlon Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

Believe the hype: in our opinion, this highly-rated and much-reviewed face roller actually lives up to the swarm of buzz that surrounds it. It’s also super easy to use. Simply roll it over the T-zone or other places where skin is shiny and oily and you will quickly see a clean and tidy face. Coming in at under $15, it makes for a potent-but-affordable wellness gift for any lady (or gent) that takes pride in their nightly beauty routine.

stocking stuffers

$13.39, available on Amazon.


W&P Porter Coffee Travel Mug

We cannot rave about this travel mug enough! A ceramic travel mug covered in a protective silicone sleeve in a variety of beautiful colors makes for a cheery morning commute companion. Crafted from durable ceramic and with a BPA-free press-fit lid, this reusable tumbler is a stylish update to disposable plastic cups or metal to-go mugs — the perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers!

stocking stuffer

$25.15, available on Amazon.


Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray

A nice little stocking-sized spritzer that will keep everyone’s toilet situation smelling so fresh and so clean! The little spray bottles' cheeky scent names span from Royal Flush to Ship Happens. Our personal favorite is the lavender vanilla scent.

stocking stuffer

$23.00, available on Amazon.



GENUINE FRED - Matryoshka Measuring Cups

Not only are these cute little Russian nesting dolls functional measuring cups, but they’re also perf for storing snacks and they fit inside each other when you’re not using them. This charming set includes 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 2/3 cup, ¾ cup, and 1-cup sizes. The bottoms and tops of each doll are flattened to stand upright for simple storage and measuring.

stocking stuffer

$10.99, available on Amazon.


Taste the Joy Assorted Mini Gourmet Chocolate Bars Gift Box

16 chocolate bar flavors ranging from sweet to savory and salty provide smaller portions of our popular flavors for everyone on your list - with flavors like Oh My S’mores, Mindfully Brownie, Honeycomb, and…Potato Chip. this fun box of mini chocolates will be gone in two minutes - guaranteed!

stocking stuffer
$29.95, available on Amazon.


MEE audio Connect Air in-Flight Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Adapter for up to 2 AirPods- $49.99

For the gym rat or travel fiend in your family, this stocking-sized clever gadget allows your giftee to connect up to two wireless headphones to any air flight entertainment system or gym equipment. The MEE audio Connect Air audio transmitter enables entertainment systems and other devices to stream high-quality digital audio over Bluetooth, making it super nifty for anyone on-the-go.

stocking stuffer

$49.99, available on Amazon.


Mouthwatchers Manual Toothbrushes 2-pack

How could we make a list and not include the BEST.BRUSH.EVER?! With an ergonomic comfort grip, and long-lasting polyester flossing bristles with infused silver for cleanliness, you’ll never go back to your old toothbrush. Experience the difference of our unique toothbrush, invented by renowned Boston-area Dentist, Dr. Plotka, DDS. Colors May Vary.

stocking stuffer

$9.90, available on Amazon.

So there you have it! Some of our stocking stuffer favorites that you can find on Amazon and get in time for the holidays - happy celebrating!