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10 Oct 2022

Candy Alternatives Kids Will Love This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and for most families, that means trick or treating in and around the neighborhood or attending events where the candy flows freely. The amount of candy that comes into our homes during the final week of October can be downright overwhelming.

While most children love candy, most adults know better. Childhood obesity is prevalent and food allergies are on the rise. At Mouthwatchers, we are also worried about cavities in our young ones. That is why we have created a list of various non-candy alternatives for your Halloween handouts. Use these at parties, in spooky baskets, at trunk-or-treats, or anywhere else where you might need to have a candy alternative:

Glow In The Dark Goodies
Hand out some glow-in-the-dark goodies that can help children stay visible on Halloween night. Besides, who doesn’t love a fun glow stick or necklace?

Spooky Plushies

halloween treat

Make Halloween memorable with some adorable, yet spooky plushies. Kids love these, and they make great pieces of memorabilia. Buy in bulk from places like Oriental Trading to get the best prices.

Activity Books
Activity books can be a great alternative to candy as they can be a host of fun for children of all ages. Activity books can be found at most major retailers, and you can find a variety of kinds such as mini coloring books and puzzle booklets.


halloween treats

Stickers are always a favorite among kids and they are an excellent and affordable alternative to candy during trick-or-treating festivities. You can find rolls, sheets, and books with hundreds of seasonal stickers that will make any child happy. Personally, we recommend shopping these on Amazon for the best prices.


This may be the most frightening alternative for parents, but it is sure to be a hit with children! Retailers like Target, Walmart, and Oriental Trading have fun, Halloween-themed slime that is bound to entertain kids of all ages. Some retailers also fill the slime with some creepy or crawly figurine such as a snake or cockroach (gross!).

What kid doesn't get excited about bubbles? While any favor-sized bubbles will do, some Halloween-themed bubbles have toppers with monsters, vampires, mummies, and pumpkins, making them perfect for a fall bubble-blowing session.

Mini Play-Doh
Hand out cans of play-doh modeling compound on Halloween instead of sugary treats - we guarantee that they will provide kids with HOURS of fun in the days and weeks following Halloween. These are especially great for younger children between the ages of 3 and 5.


halloween treat alternative

So you may not be the most popular house amongst the children if you do this, but we promise - parents will thank you! Buy toothbrushes in bulk and hand them out alongside other candy alternative treats to encourage the children to brush after indulging in their Halloween haul!

If You Want To Hand Out Candy…

Check the labels of your selected treats and choose things that use organic or natural ingredients with fewer additives. Okay - now that the Halloween treats are taken care of, you’ll have more time to devote to your Halloween decorations and costumes!