Doctor Plotka's Blog

06 Apr 2021

5 Things To Refresh This Spring

Birds are chirping, snow is melting, and flowers are budding - spring has finally sprung! This season, refresh your mind, body and space with these upgrades...

1. Your Cleaning Kit

No more throwing out bottles! Save money, space, and the environment by investing in Blueland cleaning products. Simply fill the reusable bottle with water, drop in the dissolvable tablet, and start cleaning! 

Shop The Clean Essentials from Blueland

2. Your Toothbrush

Did you know bacteria on your toothbrush multiplies every 20 minutes? Use a better brush - treat yourself to fresh bristles every time with DOCTOR PLOTKA'S toothbrushes. The silver-infused bristles kill 99% of all fungi, bacteria and viruses on your brush after 6 hours. Available in Adult, Youth, and Travel. 

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3. Your Houseplants 

Freshen up your space with a new houseplant. The Sill helps you choose the best plant for your space whether that be low light, pet friendly, or first-time plant owner! Delivered directly to your front door. 

Shop The Sill  

4. Your Bedsheets

Are you a hot sleeper? Try soft, silky, breathable bamboo! Not only are these sheets moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, they're better for the environment.  

Shop Bamboo Sheets from Layla Sleep 

5. Your Moisturizer 

Winter weather can be tough on skin. Repair dry skin and reduce redness with the help of organic matcha tea powder, pomegranate seed oil, and green tea extract!  

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