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24 Jan 2022

5 Reasons You Should Switch to An Organic Toothpaste

There is a lot of debate over whether organic products and foods are better for you. So, what is the difference? If you’re reading this, you probably already know we launched a brand-new natural toothpaste. Today we’re sharing why we chose to make it organic and reasons to consider switching to organic toothpaste for your family! Let’s go!

Why We Chose to Go Organic

At Doctor. Plotka’s Mouthwatchers, we are committed to helping you be the best version of yourself. This means we need to create our products to help you do just that. After much research, we’ve found that organic toothpaste cleans as well as traditional pastes on the market. They are also created without ingredients that could hurt your overall health. Below we will explore the top reasons to use organic toothpaste for a safer smile.

1. Organic Toothpaste Cleans Just as Well

Organic toothpaste cleans your teeth effectively and has ingredients made from nature.  For example, the propolis found in our natural toothpaste is a resin-like material made by honey bees. It’s used in natural toothpaste to prevent cavities and help with gingivitis. In addition, propolis has been used to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses for centuries. Greek and Roman doctors used it as a mouth disinfectant and wound treatment in ancient times.

2. Regular Toothpaste Can Have Harmful Ingredients

It’s difficult to accept that a product you buy to maintain your health can actually cause you harm. For example, did you know many toothpaste brands contain ingredients harmful to your health? You’d never know if you didn’t do your research.  Below are some common ingredients that can cause harm to your health that you should avoid:

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

SLS is a surfactant. It’s low cost and abundant making it a popular choice in cosmetics, skincare, and other personal hygiene products. However, SLS is known to cause irritations to skin, such as redness or itching. If you are a person who has sensitive skin, add this to the list of ingredients to avoid.

Propylene Glycol

You’ll find this in products we use daily, but it’s also in antifreeze. Typically, propylene glycol improves product shelf-life, texture, and appearance. However, too much can damage your central nervous system, liver, and heart.


Parabens are chemicals used as a preservative, most commonly in cosmetics, some foods, and even drugs. Parabens reduce mold and bacterial growth and increase the shelf life. However, it can cause endocrine disruption and mess with our reproductive systems. Better off to avoid this!


The FDA banned this ingredient from soaps in 2016 because it was known to cause cancer in lab rats, yet use is still allowed in toothpaste. Some short-term studies have shown an association of high doses with decreased thyroid levels. It has been used as a pesticide for decades as well.


Have you heard of microbeads? They are tiny little beads that add color or texture to some toothpaste, and polyethylene is the most commonly used ingredient to make them. Microbeads are less than a millimeter wide. Unfortunately, they can get stuck in your gums, trapping bacteria, and causing inflammation and sensitivity. So, check your labels! If you see polyethylene, swap your toothpaste out.

3. Organic Toothpaste is Safe for Kids

Some regular toothpaste on the market, can be harmful to kids if swallowed. We’re sure you’ve seen the warning label “If you’ve accidentally swallowed, seek professional assistance or contact poison control.” Is that something you really want to be putting into your kid's mouth? Giving your kids natural toothpaste is a safer option for oral care. The ingredients come from natural sources and are better for you.

4. Created from Natural Ingredients

These are ingredients derived from nature. They are full of stuff that people have been using for toothpaste and other healthcare for thousands of years. Natural toothpaste doesn’t have extra dyes, plastics, or other harmful ingredients. Instead, they are typically full of familiar, simple ingredients you can read and understand.

5. Better for Sensitive Teeth

Some toothpastes are highly abrasive, which can hurt sensitive gums. In contrast, natural toothpaste can help to soothe your sensitivities. Many natural kinds of toothpaste contain ingredients rich in minerals and plant extracts that will help calm pain and reduce sensitivities. For example, our toothpaste contains mineral-rich thermal spring water from France. This water is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and will soothe gum irritation and teeth sensitivities naturally without any chemicals.

Organic Toothpaste Key Takeaways:

There you have it! By now, you know the top 5 reasons to switch to organic toothpaste and why we decided to create our natural toothpaste! It is the best choice you can make for your family, giving them a healthy smile that you can trust.

Below are the key takeaways from this article:

  • Organic toothpaste is created from safe ingredients used for thousands of years in medicine and foods.
  • Natural toothpaste is an excellent option for your whole family. This is because they don’t have ingredients harmful to children, such as fluoride.
  • Organic toothpaste cleans just as well as any other type of toothpaste on the market, so you’re making a better choice for your family's health with the same cleaning benefits. 

If you’re ready to try the best toothpaste ever, head to our store and grab a tube now! You won’t be disappointed!


Written by Mouthwatchers, LLC Staff - January 2022