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04 Mar 2020

4 Things About Dental Implants That Make Your Day Better

Not everyone is fortunate to make it through life with healthy teeth. When your dentist broke the news that your teeth had to go, the decision was to invest in dental implants. Now that they are in place, you are happy about the decision. Here are four aspects of your day that are made possible because you chose this solution.

Brushing in the Morning

Getting ready for the morning remains uncomplicated. You use your favorite toothpaste and brush the implants just as you used to do with your natural teeth. Before you leave for work, you also use a little mouthwash to freshen your breath.

If you had opted for dentures, the routine would involve removing them from the solution they soaked in overnight, rinsing them thoroughly, and then checking to see if any remaining residue needed to be scrubbed away. Being careful to not drop the plate on the hard tile floor, you would then pat them dry and apply a layer of adhesive. Finally, you would slip them in position on each gum. Before completing the routine, you would test to make sure the adhesive is holding.

Which morning routine do you prefer? If you are like most people, cleaning the implants would be much easier and certainly faster.

No Slippage During an Important Meeting

A reality that denture wearers deal with is the potential for slippage. The denture plates may slop out of position during a conversation, while eating, or even while talking on the phone. Even when the highest quality dental adhesive is used, one or both plates can slip a little at the worst possible time, like when you are making a presentation during an important meeting.

Your dental implants will not slip out of place. They are embedded in the gums rather than resting on top of them. There is no adhesive to fail and the amount of pressure needed to move an implant is similar to what it takes to dislodge a tooth. In other words, you don't have to worry about slippage.

Smiling During Lunch

Concerns about slippage can interfere with the way you act around other people. Instead of flashing a brilliant smile or laughing out loud when you are having lunch with co-workers, you tend to smile with your lips closed. If you do feel a big laugh coming on, that means grabbing a napkin and hiding behind it, just in case.

Thanks to your implants, these concerns are not there to hamper your life. Smile all you want and laugh to your heart's content. All anyone will see is what appears to be a set of healthy and straight teeth.

Brushing Before Bed

Before you retire in the evening, brush again and perhaps use a little mouthwash. There is no need to take out the denture plates, remove the adhesive, and then soak the plates in a solution overnight. Your implants will be fine all night long.

If you are facing a choice between implants and dentures, now is the time to have a serious discussion with the team at Newmarket dentists. You will find that choosing implants will be one of the most practical decisions you have ever made.

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