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20 Apr 2022

What is Gum Inflammation, and is it a Big Deal?

You may not think much about your gums, but they play a significant role in your overall health. Gum inflammation is a...

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22 Mar 2022

Our Top Oral Care Must-Haves For A Healthy Mouth

Today we’re exploring our top oral care must-haves. These products will help you reach optimal dental health and keep cavities away. We’ll...

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09 Feb 2022

How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth With 7 Simple Tricks

Getting your kids to brush their teeth is often a challenge, and many parents find themselves nagging and bribing their kids to...

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24 Jan 2022

5 Reasons You Should Switch to An Organic Toothpaste

There is a lot of debate over whether organic products and foods are better for you. So, what is the difference? If...

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11 Jan 2022

8 Ways to Stick to Healthy Habits in 2022

Healthy habits can help you live a better, longer life. However, sticking to healthy habits isn’t easy! For better or worse, habits...

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