Mouth Watchers is a culmination of Dr. Plotka’s prolific dental career spanning 40 years and pioneering dental advancements such as: Dental Bonding, Tooth Sealants, Same-day Crown Fabrication and Laser Dentistry Technology.
Dr. Plotka’s passion and expertise have brought us the revolutionary Mouth Watchers Toothbrushes that have:
  1. Antimicrobial Technology* infused into the bristles eliminating bacteria growth, leaving your brush clean for every use.
  2. A unique dual flossing bristle system that reaches down into to hard to reach areas, where cavities form, and sweeps out cavity and gingivitis forming debris.
  3. Consumers saying: “It feels like I just had a dental cleaning, every time I brush my teeth at home!”
Mouth Watchers is proud to announce that we have been included as the only toothbrush in the "Best Products Evaluated During 2012" by the Clinicians Report (the Consumer Reports for dentists), founded by world famous dentist Dr. Gordon Christensen.
Here’s Violaine (our tooth fairy's) fun slide show showing why you should get a Mouth Watchers toothbrush.