Why silver? When nano-silver is embedded into a toothbrush bristle it acts as an anti-microbial agent. The silver naturally kills bacteria, fungi and viruses that accumulate and multiply on its surface after brushing. Within several hours, the tooth brush bristle will be 99% free of the bacteria, fungi and viruses that may cause illness, tooth decay and gum disease. This means, every time you brush, you are using clean bristles!

Does the silver wear off? No! The silver particles are embedded into the bristle and are highly resistant to wear. Our testing indicates that any minute amount that may come off does so after a significantly long time of use and is extremely low - 98% less than the EPA's guidelines for silver content in drinking water!

Is my DOCTOR PLOTKA'S Toothbrush safe to use with braces? Yes! Our toothbrush is ideal for use with braces. Our bristles are not only super soft, but they have longer outer bristles that act like dental floss around teeth and in between braces. 

How long will my DOCTOR PLOTKA'S Toothbrush Last? Dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes after three months of everyday use. You will find that your DOCTOR PLOTKA's Toothbrush will last longer than this due to its high quality construction. However, we still recommend replacing it after three months to maintain maximum effectiveness!

Why are the bristles not pure white? The silver technology embedded into the bristles in a proprietary process gives the bristles a natural color. 

Why are all DOCTOR PLOTKA'S brushes SOFT?  Dr. Plotka will only allow his toothbrushes to be made with soft bristles. This is to protect the vulnerable enamel and gum tissue. In order to effectively clean your teeth, you don't need firmer bristles, you need better bristles! With DOCTOR PLOTKA'S Toothbrush, you can use gentle pressure with soft bristles and still get that great deep clean feeling!

Why do my gums feel irritated? When you begin a new dental routine, especially one that includes removing plaque, flossing and rinsing, you may have some initial discomfort. As your gums heal in the absence of plaque and bacteria, your gums will become less inflamed and maintain a healthy elasticity. Remember to always brush gently. If sensation does not subside, discontinue use and see your dental professional.

Do I still need to floss when using this toothbrush? The flossing bristles do an excellent job of cleaning along your gum line and in between your teeth. However, the brush is not intended to replace using floss. We recommend that you still use floss as a part of a fantastic daily oral hygiene routine!