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07 Sep 2018

What to do this Fall!

Hi All!

The first day of fall is September 22nd!!!

Personally, I'm way more into autumn than summer (heat is not my friend! If you feel the same way, check out my tips for surviving the remainder of summer heat here), so I'm 110% ready to jump into the new season. Here's a little list of fun things to do during fall!

Visit an Orchard/Farm

Farms and orchards are awesome ways to pass time during autumn! You can pick apples, visit a pumpkin patch, and even visit some farm animals! It's a great way to get some fresh air, sunlight, and exercise. An awesome farm near the MouthWatchers office is Appleton Farms! PS--lots of farms have adorable shops with cool gifts and tasty food too! :-)

Explore Local Museums

The crisp, slightly chilly fall weather is PERFECT for museum-roaming! You can be out and about but don't necessarily have to go outside. It's a great way to get out there and enjoy yourself instead of being cooped up! My personal favorite museum is the Peabody Essex Museum, also known at the PEM, in Salem! It has so much to see and learn about, and it's only about 15 to 20 minutes from our office :-)

Window-shop in a cool area

The fairly temperate fall weather makes it the perfect time to meander about and discover cool shops/take in local scenery! Personally, I'm a bit biased, as I live in downtown Beverly, so I recommend strolling through Cabot St! It has the historic Cabot Theatre as well as tons of cool little businesses and cafes! It can make for a fun afternoon that doesn't necessarily require spending any money (if you're lucky, you won't even have to pay for parking! Lots of the residential streets are open for parking).

(PS--I live right down the street pictured next to this theater! Such a cool spot)


I hope those ideas give you some inspiration to get out there and enjoy yourselves this fall!


Have a  good one,