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04 Aug 2016

Tooth-Healthy Foods to Get You Feeling Good

Though food aphrodisiacs are mostly myth, there are some truths behind the traditions. For instance, food can awaken the senses and certain foods can elicit romantic memories.


So if you’re aiming to please romantically, you may as well please your pearly whites too. Some of the most acclaimed aphrodisiacs are tooth-healthy too! Cupid may use an arrow, but you can use a fork.


• Oysters

Oysters may heat up the romance, but don’t turn up the heat. Enjoy them raw to keep the amino acids intact. Oysters are high in magnesium, a mineral that increases blood flow and strengthens teeth.


• Almonds

These snacks are bringing sexy back. Almonds fill you up fast and supply the stamina you need to stay energized. They also contain selenium, a nutrient that can increase fertility. There’s good news for your smile, too — almonds are high in calcium, a mineral that strengthens teeth.


• Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are hot potatoes too! These naturally sweet aphrodisiacs are full of folic acid and their vitamin C and beta-carotene promote healthy gums, while their vitamin A fights infertility. Sprinkle with cinnamon for an extra hint of hot.


• Chocolate

There’s a reason for chocolate’s decadent reputation. You can literally feel the love while you get your fix — chocolate contains serotonin, the “cuddle chemical.” And because it melts quickly in your mouth, chocolate is one of the best sweets for teeth.


So whip up something special with these sexy super foods.