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24 Oct 2018

The Truth on Getting Sick when it's Cold

I keep hearing that you don’t catch a cold because it’s cold. And... I cannot disagree more! I mean come on now! Don’t you just KNOW and FEEL that when you have the chills you are most likely getting sick… right now? Also, isn’t it pure logic?
- Why would it be that most people get sick during the winter? Uh?
- And how about Flu seasons? It’s not at Summer solstice as far as I know, is it?

So I did a little research and… Alright, the cold is not directly responsible for catching a cold, BUT it has a LARGE amount of responsibility in it. And here is why:

1. Our immune defenses are weakened

When it's cold, our body is working so hard to try to maintain the natural internal temperature necessary to function properly. To do so, the blood vessels shrink, and the activity of the blood cells slows down. With less sun outside (= less Vitamin D), our immune defenses become less able to resist viruses. So being cold increases the risks to get a cold. Boom, one point for me.

==> Add a layer or two! (or in my case, add a scarf, a turtleneck, a pair of gloves, a cardigan, a pair of wool socks and have a blankie handy ;)

2. Staying in, proximity, close environment

It seems that this is one of the major causes of the rise of colds in the winter! Since we want to stay warm, we stay inside for lunch, we take the subway instead of walking, we meet at a cafe instead of the park, we go to the gym instead of the woods. Thus, viruses spread more easily from one person to another (via siliva, sneezing… yuk).

==> Wash your hands regularly, even if you are not sick!

3. Our respiratory system is weakened

I am not a doctor so here is how I understand it: with the change of temperature, the natural mechanism of the nasal tubes to warm the air allows more viruses to enter the body, as the mucous membranes dry out and become less protective. The dryness of the air that comes with winter can also affect the bronchi, making them more prone to get infected.

==> Stay warm! And boom, another point for me. A couple other good things could be to add some moist in the air and get some fresh air in by opening the windows once in a while...

4. The sun weakens viruses, the cold strengthens them

Not only the cold has an impact on our organism, but it also has an impact on the viruses. Viruses hate ultraviolet rays. So when the sun isn’t out much (aka when it’s winter and cold), they party. On top of that, the cold hardens the shell of certain viruses that protects them. And… like it’s not enough, the cold air makes particles more volatile so in other words, viruses are flying, trying to get you.

==> Seriously, just move to a sunny and warm place.