What I love most about Thanksgiving 🦃

Good morning y'all!

It's Jackie reporting in, and I hope you're all having a smooth week! We are just DAYS away from one of my favorite days of the year, and I'm sure yours too! That's right... THANKSGIVING. This is one of the warmest and heartfelt holidays of the season, and I'm happy this is a short week for everyone to enjoy!

I just wanted to jump right in to today's blog and talk about some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving:

1. Traveling 🚘

Now it would be nice if I meant traveling to a different state/country for a vacation, but I think traveling to see your family/friends comes close to beating that! Personally, traveling isn't something I do during the holidays because I don't live too far from my family or my friends, but I'm still just as eager to see them (as if I didn't see them the other week, lol!). So I can only imagine the feeling of excitement for those who don't really get to see their loved ones as often.

2. Quality time ☺️

You know I had to slide in some quality time in this blog. I am very family oriented; I grew up with a HUGE family. I was always told "family is everything" while growing up, but I think I really started to grasp that concept on my own when I started college (and that was only a few years ago!) I came to the realization that not only are we getting older, but so are our loved ones around us. So definitely cherish the times you have with them now! ❤️

3. The FOOD 🍽️

A girl loves to eat, ha! I'm happy that I did not grow up a picky eater at all. I'll eat anything as long as it's edible lol. I think my all time favorite thing on the table has to be MASHED POTATOES. Second best would be cranberry anything. Not sure why I love cranberries so much, but also not complaining!

4. Black Friday Sales‼️

I know we all like to look for some deals while we're shopping, but how nice is it to have one day where every store has a sale going on! Don't get me wrong, Black Friday shopping is very hectic but a lot of online stores are holding a sale on their website as well! So you get to save money from the comfort of your home. An example being... US 😉

Make sure to check out our Black Friday sale: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on Manual and Travel Brushes/Packs! Just make sure to add the extra item(s) to your cart! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it makes you just as excited for the holidays as I am! Talk to y'all soon 👋 -- Jackie

Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas!

Are you (The Tooth Fairy) running out of ideas or need some new ones?!

Below is some ideas that will spice up the game when your child wakes up the next morning after the Tooth Fairy made a visit!

  • Tooth Fairy Tote Bag: This is a great idea when you have left some affordable tiny gifts. They can carry them around in the Tooth Fairy tote bag!
  • Tooth Fairy Lost Certificate: What a better way than to not only make them smile because of a gift, but increase their smile because of a certificate. Let them know they are doing great and it was an honor that their tooth fell out.
  • Tooth Fairy Basket: No matter what age I am, when I wake up and see a basket full of things I get excited. Make "losing a tooth" experience fun and exciting confidence booster even when it is a awkward transitional period for your child.

  • Fairy Glow Jar: Grab any left behind mason jar fill 3/4 with water and different color loose sparkles from a craft store and every time they lose a tooth they have to shake the jar and make it glow the night before the Tooth Fairy arrives.
  • Tooth Cupcakes: The next morning why not spend some time and make some tooth cupcakes as a treat! Make you favorite flavor and with white frosting make different tooth shapes as a finishing touch!

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My Top 5 Favorite Local Businesses in Beverly!

Hi all!

My name is Megan; I just recently joined the team here at MouthWatchers. I live in downtown Beverly, right around the corner from our office. Since I live in the area, I wanted to share with you a list of some of my favorite local businesses in this awesome city!

MouthWatchers (located in the Cummings Center)

I didn't know about MouthWatchers until I joined their team, but it's become a fast favorite of mine! The office is local (right inside the Cummings Center on Elliott St), and the product is stellar. As soon as I started using their brushes, my teeth felt WAY cleaner! Plus, I love that the product was designed by a dentist. My favorite feature of our brushes is the flossing bristles--they ensure a deep and thorough clean every time I brush. 


The Castle, Rantoul St

The Castle is an amazing board game cafe located on Rantoul St. For $5 a person, you have full access to a HUGE collection of board and card games to play! They serve food and drink as well, so it's one of my favorite spots to catch up with friends.

A New Leaf

A New Leaf is a Vitamin & Natural Foods store located on Cabot St. This shop has SO many different natural products, including skincare, cleaning products, and even our Dr. Plotka's toothbrushes! One of my favorite features of this store is the FRESH PEANUT BUTTER!! You bring your own container, turn the wheel, and grind peanuts into the butter--it's the freshest possible! I love perusing the store from time to time as they're constantly getting new products in--I highly recommend checking it out!

Aligned for Life Chiropractic

Aligned for Life Chiropractic is an amazing practice. I go here once a week to help keep my spine aligned! Before I joined MouthWatchers, I worked as a professional cellist, and my back suffered as a result of the playing posture and carrying the heavy instrument for so many years. Dr. Jamie & Katie are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, and they truly care about each and every patient! If you're in the market for chiropractic care, this should be your first stop.

Beverly Bootstraps

Beverly Bootstraps is a great Thrift Shop located on Rantoul St. Not only do they have a large variety of items to look through and get at great prices, but they also have a TON of involvement in the community, through food, housing assistance, education, counseling, and more. It's a great shop with a great cause!

That sums up my top 5 favorite local businesses here in Beverly! Beverly is a beautiful place with so much to see and do, and I'm so grateful/proud to live here.

Have a great day!




Top 5 neccessities that are a must in your household!

While being a student living in an apartment on a college campus I realized there are certain things are a must have. I live on a budget, but it is still nice to find quality products to make sure hygienically you are healthy and making sure you are eating well too! While trying to maintain being a full-time student and affording school, supplies, external bills and day to day life needs I wanted to use the most effective and cost-effective products. 


  • Dr. Plotka’s Toothbrush –

 Dr. Plotka’s Toothbrush is not only affordable for college students, but you get a whole extra month than a normal toothbrush. With the floss-like, anti-microbial, silver infused bristles, this brush allows for the duration of the brush to last longer. 99.9% of the bacteria is eliminated after only 6 hours of using the brush and it feels like you are using a new brush EVERY SINGLE TIME! Oh, and did I mention they come in cool colors! Click here to see what color you like!


  • Aloe and Honey –

These 2 products can be found in your kitchen. If not, you can purchase them at a local drug store. I need to do a face mask to make sure my face is cleansed inside and out. The aloe is great for tackling the inflammation around acne and redness and the honey is great for handling the acne and getting rid of blemishes. Self-care is very vital, and I cannot afford hundreds of dollars’ worth of facial products, but I still deserve to treat my face just as effectively. This is a great affordable fast mask that will last you a very long time!


  • Water filter pitcher –

I love to drink water all day, every day! BUT buying cases of bottled water can be super expensive, especially if you drink water a lot! Investing in a water filter pitcher is a great way to get a bang for your buck! The filter can last up to 3 months and some beyond that. I got my pitcher from Walmart for as low as $10! Just fill as you go and no need to carry those heavy water cases up and down the stairs anymore.


  • African Black Soap –

African black soap is not the cheapest of all soaps, I'll admit, but it is still affordable. I use the Shea Moisture brand, but there are so many other brands out there and even more natural African black soap. The soap helps exfoliate and tackle body acne and eczema. I like how my body does not feel dry after using it and the infused cocoa butter moisturizes your skin after using it.


  • PASTA! –

I know this sounds crazy and you are thinking “what are you talking about?!” BUT listen... pasta is such a versatile food. When you are on a budget pasta is your best friend! There is even gluten-free pasta too! Pasta can be made hot like spaghetti and your favorite red sauce or cold like your favorite pasta salad. One of my favorite quick and affordable pasta dish is Penne and Vodka Sauce and it cost me under $7. I even have left overs.