Holiday Travel Tips 2018

Travelling for the holidays can seem like a necessary evil.  But with a little preparation, it doesn’t need to take away from the Holiday Spirit!

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My Top 5 Holiday Travel Essentials!

Hi All!

The holidays are just around the corner, which is crazy! Time seems to fly as soon as October ends, and then it’s a mad dash to the end of the year.

I don’t know about you, but I no longer live near home—I’m about 2.5 hours north of where my parents live—so the holiday season means traveling back and forth throughout the next few weeks. Since traveling can be a pain (+ we often have our brains scrambled/occupied by so many other things), I’ve compiled a list of my Top 5 essentials for traveling this time of year! I hope this list is helpful (and keeps you from forgetting any important things while packing!)

1. A foldable hair brush

I am very low maintenance with my hair, but a hair brush is still essential! No matter what kind of hair you have, it’s important to get all snags and tangles out a couple times per day, plus it’s good for your scalp to brush your hair, as the contact of the bristles encourages circulation! I don’t like packing heavy when I travel, so a must-have for me is the Wet Brush Foldable Hair Brush

2. Comfy Socks

Travel (for me) means lots of driving, and my feet can get sore from the hours spent on the road—not to mention that the holiday season here in New England means brisk, chilly weather! A comfortable and warm pair of socks is a necessity for me. My favorite ones are Bombas! They support your arches and also give pairs to those in need when you purchase.

3. A Portable Face Toner

I’m a skincare junkie! I often have breakouts, plus when the cold weather rolls around your skin can get dry so easily. When I’m tuckered out from travel I don’t always want to go through a whole extensive skincare regime, so having a quick, easy, and portable option helps a bunch. I’ve been loving the Neogen Real Cica Pads—They have a smooth side and a more exfoliating side, so you can really get a good clean/scrub if you’ve decided to slack on cleansing, etc and just want to get to bed.

4. A Great Travel Toothbrush

Traveling is no excuse for slacking on dental hygiene! During the holiday season, people are always taking pictures, so you want your smile to be in tip top shape. I always make sure that I have my Dr. Plotka’s travel toothbrush!!! The flossing bristles make sure every spot gets a thorough clean, and the antimicrobial properties of the brush are even more necessary during travel—I can rest assured knowing that my toothbrush is clean and bacteria-free even after bouncing from my travel bag to various bathrooms/hotels back to home. I never travel without it!

5. A Good Neck Pillow

Most folks associate neck pillows with traveling on airplanes, but when you drive (or maintain any posture) for a long amount of time it can strain your neck! When I drive I have a very “forward” posture, so once I’ve arrived at my destination, relaxing with a good neck pillow really helps to ease the muscles and get everything back into position. My favorite neck pillow is memory foam!


I hope this list was informative and helps you piece together your packing list for wherever the holiday traveling season may take you!





A Lazy Girl's Guide to Oral Care!

Hi Everyone!

We all know we need to brush & floss well in order to maintain a healthy smile! Unfortunately, that fact doesn’t make keeping up with oral care any easier. Especially during the summer months, when the days are longer and we feel lazier and chilled out, our dental care can easily slip from the forefront of our minds.


I have devised a few simple habits and tricks to help keep on top of your dental care:


Use a distraction/multitask


Everyone has heard that they should brush their teeth for 2 minutes, but in our fast-paced world, 2 minutes seems like a lot of time to spend brushing away! In order to make sure I brush (AND FLOSS!) sufficiently each day, I either listen to music/podcasts I enjoy, or watch some youtube videos while I work on my dental care. This keeps me entertained, and I end up being more thorough in my brushing and flossing when there’s something entertaining me in my periphery.


Be strategic about your routine


I’m not the best at flossing regularly, so being intentional and strategic about what I use/when I use it can help me do a better job vs. just hap-hazardly trying to keep my teeth in good shape.

For example, using our Dr. Plotka’s brushes with flossing bristles helps to sweep away much more plaque than brushes I previously used, so when it comes to flossing, I have less work to do!

Another good trick is to actually floss BEFORE you brush. Sometimes, once you’ve brushed your teeth, they already “feel clean” so you can’t be bothered to floss. By flossing first, you’ve dislodged some plaque but don’t yet have that “squeaky clean” feeling, so you brush afterwards as well.


Drink tons of water


Summertime is notorious for icecream, lemonade, and all kinds of sweet treats. Whether it’s sugary sodas/drinks or funnel cake at a theme park, it’s always important to do your best to make sure sugar can’t linger on your teeth! Drinking lots of water not only helps your general health, but also helps to flush away the stuff you don’t want sitting on your teeth/creating plaque.


Be prepared on the go

Since vacations/outings are more common during the summer months, make sure you have the necessary supplies to keep your teeth healthy while you’re out and about! I recommend keeping some floss or inter-dental brushes on you, as well as one of our nifty travel brushes! Keeping your teeth clean on the go means less work at the beginning and end of each day, and overall better oral health.


I hope this was helpful for you! Best of luck keeping your smile in tip-top shape during the lazy months. Now, off to have a nap in the shade…..




Tips to Get Ready for Back to School!

Hey y'all!

It’s that time of the year again… back to school shenanigans! Some might be excited to head back to school, but I know for the rest of us, it’s hard making that adjustment from summer mode to school mode 😒 But not to worry! Here are some tips that I found to help me get prepped and ready for the new school year. This usually did the trick for me, so I hope it helps you all too!


1: Start going to bed early

Now, the older I got, I realized how important sleep is to function throughout the day. When it’s summer, especially when you don’t have any responsibilities early in the morning, you build up the habit of staying up late and sleeping in. But once you do that when school starts, you’ll highly regret it!! (I know from experience). So I recommend going to bed earlier than you normally do, especially a week or two before school starts. This will just make the routine easier! 

2: Get your school supplies early

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE school supplies! I’m sure we’ve all been inside Target, Walmart, and etc. and have seen all the Back to School deals, but didn’t take advantage of it since school was so far away. But trust me! It’s better to get your school supplies early and at a great cost, because once you decide to go shopping later on, you’ll be left with just one pencil and a stepped on notebook!

3: Know your plan

I know going back to school can be nerve-wracking, whether it be elementary, middle, high school or even college! One thing that calms my nerves down a little is checking my classes before the first day. When I was younger, I loved checking to see where my class(es) would be because I hate getting lost on the first day! And as I got older, that became a habit within every school year. I also loved checking the class roster to see who my teacher(s) would be and who would be in my classes! 


These are just a few things that help me shift from summer to school mode! I hope you find these helpful as well! What do you do to prepare for the school year?

Top 5 Travel Essentials!

Hi Everyone, It’s Jackie and I’m back!

I’m so excited to be writing to you all again, and this time about TRAVELING!

I am going away this week and there are essentials that I need before heading on vacation!

Below are the TOP 5 things I NEED with me when I travel:


  • Dr. Plotka’s Travel size brush:


It is a MUST that I bring the brush with me. I love how I do not have to buy a mini-brush AND a separate casing around it because it comes all in one! With the same anti-microbial, silver infused, floss-like bristle formula just in a travel size with the protectant folding case you will not have to spend any extra money!


  • Portable Phone Charger:


I HOPE I do not get stuck in the airport this week, BUT if I do I need to make sure I have a way to make sure my phone is charged so I can keep updated on my flights. I found one on AMAZON right after I bought my travel Dr. Plotka’s brush. Super affordable and I bought a cute lime green one J


  • Clear make-up bag:


Since I am going on vacation I will be going out to some nice dinners and gatherings and want to doll up. I do not want to bring my at home make-up bag because you can definitely tell I get a little crazy with the make-up. I wanted to take the make-up I think is essential and place it nicely in a clear cute make-up bad on AMAZON AGAIN to make traveling easier through airports for security checks and it definitely is stylish!


  • 4-Wheel Rolling Luggage:


OK! OK! Yes, I shop on amazon a lot! That’s where I got my rolling luggage too! I am trying to make it the most effective and lightest trip. If I ever had to run for my flight then the luggage will be easier to keep up instead of lugging it around! So many colors to choose from and it is very chic if I do say so myself!


  • SNACKS!:


Did you think I was going to forget the snacks?! UH, NO! I need to be prepared at all times to a delay or even just a quick rest and I definitely want to snack on something while waiting. I went to a couple different stores and got myself some mixed-nuts, a couple of LIFE bars, and some candy! I am trying to make sure I can choose healthier options, but still need some sugary energy!

I can’t wait to update you all when I am back!



Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas!

Are you (The Tooth Fairy) running out of ideas or need some new ones?!

Below is some ideas that will spice up the game when your child wakes up the next morning after the Tooth Fairy made a visit!

  • Tooth Fairy Tote Bag: This is a great idea when you have left some affordable tiny gifts. They can carry them around in the Tooth Fairy tote bag!
  • Tooth Fairy Lost Certificate: What a better way than to not only make them smile because of a gift, but increase their smile because of a certificate. Let them know they are doing great and it was an honor that their tooth fell out.
  • Tooth Fairy Basket: No matter what age I am, when I wake up and see a basket full of things I get excited. Make "losing a tooth" experience fun and exciting confidence booster even when it is a awkward transitional period for your child.

  • Fairy Glow Jar: Grab any left behind mason jar fill 3/4 with water and different color loose sparkles from a craft store and every time they lose a tooth they have to shake the jar and make it glow the night before the Tooth Fairy arrives.
  • Tooth Cupcakes: The next morning why not spend some time and make some tooth cupcakes as a treat! Make you favorite flavor and with white frosting make different tooth shapes as a finishing touch!

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My Top 5 Favorite Local Businesses in Beverly!

Hi all!

My name is Megan; I just recently joined the team here at MouthWatchers. I live in downtown Beverly, right around the corner from our office. Since I live in the area, I wanted to share with you a list of some of my favorite local businesses in this awesome city!

MouthWatchers (located in the Cummings Center)

I didn't know about MouthWatchers until I joined their team, but it's become a fast favorite of mine! The office is local (right inside the Cummings Center on Elliott St), and the product is stellar. As soon as I started using their brushes, my teeth felt WAY cleaner! Plus, I love that the product was designed by a dentist. My favorite feature of our brushes is the flossing bristles--they ensure a deep and thorough clean every time I brush. 


The Castle, Rantoul St

The Castle is an amazing board game cafe located on Rantoul St. For $5 a person, you have full access to a HUGE collection of board and card games to play! They serve food and drink as well, so it's one of my favorite spots to catch up with friends.

A New Leaf

A New Leaf is a Vitamin & Natural Foods store located on Cabot St. This shop has SO many different natural products, including skincare, cleaning products, and even our Dr. Plotka's toothbrushes! One of my favorite features of this store is the FRESH PEANUT BUTTER!! You bring your own container, turn the wheel, and grind peanuts into the butter--it's the freshest possible! I love perusing the store from time to time as they're constantly getting new products in--I highly recommend checking it out!

Aligned for Life Chiropractic

Aligned for Life Chiropractic is an amazing practice. I go here once a week to help keep my spine aligned! Before I joined MouthWatchers, I worked as a professional cellist, and my back suffered as a result of the playing posture and carrying the heavy instrument for so many years. Dr. Jamie & Katie are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, and they truly care about each and every patient! If you're in the market for chiropractic care, this should be your first stop.

Beverly Bootstraps

Beverly Bootstraps is a great Thrift Shop located on Rantoul St. Not only do they have a large variety of items to look through and get at great prices, but they also have a TON of involvement in the community, through food, housing assistance, education, counseling, and more. It's a great shop with a great cause!

That sums up my top 5 favorite local businesses here in Beverly! Beverly is a beautiful place with so much to see and do, and I'm so grateful/proud to live here.

Have a great day!