September is National Gum Care Month

At the Mouthwatchers, we know that gingivitis – the early stage of periodontal disease – can be difficult to recognize. Many people don’t recognize the warning signs – bleeding and swollen gums, as a precursor to gum disease. This month, a national campaign is under way to raise awareness about gum health and periodontal disease, and we wanted to help do our part to spread the word! Your will tell you early recognition and action are the most important steps to health gums, and ultimately a health body, too! Studies are published every year linking oral health, including the gums, to the health of other areas of the body, such as your heart. One of the most important steps to improving the care of your gums is recognizing the warning signs for gum disease.

National Gum Care Month

We know these can include:

• Gums that appear red or swollen

• Gums that feel tender

• Gums that bleed easily (during brushing or flossing)

• Gums that recede or pull away from the teeth

Persistent halitosis, or bad breath

• Loose teeth

 Any change in the way teeth come together in the biting position; if you happen to notice any of these signs, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible with your dentist. Your doctors and staff can take proactive steps to prevent gingivitis and gum disease, while showing you how to improve gum care in your daily oral hygiene habits.

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