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04 Oct 2016


Did you know that this October is Dental Hygiene Month? It’s a time for focusing on good dental health through prevention. Appropriately scheduled the month of Halloween, Dental Hygiene Month provides parents with a great opportunity to reassess their child’s dental hygiene habits before the holiday sweet treats come out. By simply taking a few moments to carefully consider your child’s basic dental hygiene regime this month, you can change the course of their dental health for a lifetime.

Dental Hygiene Month is all about enhancing dental health through habits that start at home. Home care should include regular brushing and flossing each day. Though flossing the teeth should be done at least once each day, brushing should be done in the morning and in the evening for best results. Good dental health is the result of proper at-home care coupled with regular dental visits to keep the teeth in pristine condition. Parents as well as their children should have a daily dental maintenance routine that includes both brushing and flossing.

Teach your child to spend at least 3 minute brushing their teeth in the morning after they wake up and in the evening before they go to bed. For young children, you can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star three times while they brush their teeth as a fun way to make sure they spend the right amount of time doing the task. Children who are less than enthusiastic about brushing their teeth might be more motivated if you put together a fun tooth-brushing kit complete with a special mirror, a fun kid-friendly tooth-brush, and ADA recommended tooth-paste that caters to young people. Teach them how to brush their teeth properly and check to make sure they do a thorough job.

Flossing is as important for children as it is for adults! Don’t let your kids skip this essential step in proper dental hygiene. Encourage your kids to floss at least once each day at home and provide them with special floss picks to make the job easier and more fun. This will help reduce the build of plaque between teeth and keep their gums in good health. Your children will thank you for your persistence later in life when their teeth and gums are still healthy!

Dental Hygiene Month is time for fighting tooth decay, periodontal disease, and bad breath. When the teeth are neglected, a child’s overall health can be impacted. An excess build-up of plaque can lead to redness and irritation as well as the development of infections in the gums.

Make an appointment for your child to see a dental hygienist two times each year for check-ups and a thorough tooth cleaning. Through regular dental check-ups and the development of solid dental hygiene habits at home, you can give your child the gift of healthy teeth for a lifetime.