National Children's Dental Health Month

What’s every kid’s least favorite part of getting ready for bed? No, it’s not checking for monsters in the closet, and it’s not turning off their favorite television show (although that can be a difficult battle, too). Hands down, every child’s least favorite part of the evening routine is brushing their teeth. Why? It’s actually a simple answer.

The whole 2 minute drill seems like it takes an eternity. Have you ever seen a kid want to stand 2 minutes in one place? Usually without proper supervision it turns into 30 seconds. This is one of the reason the American Dental Association has dedicated February National Children's Dental Health Month.

Here's  a few things you should know about your pearly whites:

  1. The health of children's teeth depends on four major things: diet, oral hygiene, tooth makeup, and the amount and quality of their saliva (CNN).
  2. Children have 20 baby teeth, and will eventually have 32 permanent teeth when they get older (KidsHealth).
  3. Sugary foods can cause tooth decay, which includes all the yummy candies and cookies kids love (NIDCR).
  4. Eating those sugary foods with a meal is actually less harmful to your teeth than eating sugary food by itself 
  5. Chewing on ice can cause small fractures - plus it's really loud! 
  6. Oral diseases reduce children's ability to concentrate in the classroom and to take part in extracurricular activities (School Nurse News).

Knowing this can help with your child's overall dental hygiene, safety and health. Talking with your kid about Dental Health this month is a great idea. It also leads into other topics like smoking, alcohol, diabetes, sport safety and many more. Stay tuned to our feature article each week this month regarding National Children's Health Month. Also follow us on Facebook for daily dental tips! 

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