Flossing Habits Among Adults – Common Excuses & Solutions!


The answer is only 49%!!

Flossing Habits Among Adults

This information comes from a survey conducted in 2008 about flossing habits among adults.   We’d like to share a helpful article from WebMD that highlights some of the many excuses we have for not flossing, and suggestions to help make it a little easier on all of us.

“I Don’t Have Time to Floss”

One of the most common excuses is “I don’t have time to floss.”  Ultimately it’s best to floss after meals, but most dentists agree, flossing regularly is far better than not flossing at all!  We are all very busy people, and we’re excellent at multitasking!  Try to include flossing while performing another task or daily activity to help increase the chances you’ll pick up the habit.  For example, try flossing at the same time you:

  • Watch the morning news or read the paper
  • While checking your emails or any other hands-free task at work (if your surroundings permit privacy)
  • Any other regular tasks or activities that allow your hands to be free for a moment or two


Do you have the same flossing habits as The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Do you have the same flossing habits as The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Here are a few of our favorite excuses: 

“…Excuse #4: I don’t have time to floss.

Effective flossing does take a while — once a day for a “good three to five minutes” according to Low. But even 60 seconds of flossing is of enormous benefit. As with exercise, bathing, and other daily activities, the key is to make flossing a habit.

“My Teeth Are Too Close Together”

Excuse #6: My teeth are spaced too close together to floss.

If unwaxed floss doesn’t work for your teeth, you might try waxed floss or floss made of super-slippery polytetrafluoroethylene.

If the spacing between your teeth varies (or if you have significant gum recession), yarn-like “superfloss” may be a good bet. It stretches thin for narrow spaces and fluffs out to clean between teeth that are more widely spaced.

If you’re having trouble finding a workable floss or interdental cleaner on your own, your dentist should be able to offer guidance — and may even offer free samples…”


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