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20 Jul 2016

Colgate 360 Total Advanced with Floss Tip Bristles vs. Mouthwatchers Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush with Flossing Bristles

With so many toothbrushes on the market today; and all of them claiming to be superior to the next, we decided to take a few of the top brands and compare them to Mouthwatchers.  Today’s comparison is between the Colgate 360 Total Advanced with Floss Tip Bristles and Mouthwatchers with Flossing Bristles.

Wait they sound the same…Flossing Bristles! Um… no. Colgate claims “Floss Tip Bristles” while Mouthwatchers actually has Flossing Bristles. Look at the image below and see the difference in the bristles. You’ll see Mouthwatchers actually has hundreds of thin bristles all over the toothbrush to reach between your teeth. These bristles are 10x thinner than an ordinary toothbrush and 1/100th the diameter of a human hair.  The Colgate 360 Total Advanced has 2 rows on “floss tip” bristles along the sides.


Mouthwatchers toothbrushes are made from advanced PBT(polyester) plastics, less expensive than the nylon bristles that are more abrasive and found on competitive toothbrushes.The Colgate 360 Total Advanced bristles are still rough even though this toothbrush is labeled as “Soft”. Within the toothbrush itself are three round areas that appear to be some kind rubber. Adds color and makes it look special; but has no real function.


colgate 360 total advanced

Mouthwatchers toothbrushes are impregnated with silver to inhibit cell growth that normally causes infection, illness, etc. Colgate does not claim any anti-bacterial properties.

mouthwatchers flossing bristles


The Mouthwatchers Toothbrush sells for approx. $4.99 and the Colgate 360 Advanced sells for around $4.00.  Mouthwatchers flossing bristles are superior to Colgate 360 Advanced “Floss Tip” bristles.   


To know more about Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), you can check a guide at