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15 Jun 2017

Caring For My Chaos: Mouth Watchers

Mouth Watchers!

Who likes going to the dentist? Not me. Nope. I hate it. Anything that I can do to keep from going, I will do. I was very interested in trying out these toothbrushes from Mouth Watchers just for this very reason. These toothbrushes are very different for two reasons-they are antimicrobial, (yay!) and they have flossing bristles. You read that right. The bristles are longer than on regular toothbrushes so they get in between your teeth for a dental quality cleaning.
The toothbrush pictured is the adult size and they also sent me the child size and travel toothbrush too. But, those got used before I could take a picture! Doodle got a hold to the travel size and loves it. She said her teeth have never felt or looked better. I took the child size because my mouth, contrary to popular belief, is quite small. My teeth are very clean, and I do like how it works. I just usually prefer a stiffer bristle. These are soft, but they clean the heck out of your teeth though! I'm just getting used to the softness, since I've always used stiff bristles. The bristles are dual layered with a 1 micrometer tip. This reaches deep into crevices getting all that plaque. And since they are soft, it cuts down on any kind of gum bleeding you may have. These come in adult, children, travel and even power toothbrushes!
You can find these at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Central Market and Mom's Organic Market. Or online at The Grommet, Lucky Vitamin or Healthy People Market. And make sure to find them on Twitter and Facebook. 
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