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28 Apr 2015

South Africa… A Lion… and… A tooth story!

Yes, because animals too, suffer from tooth decay, tooth loss and toothaches. Except that they don’t get to floss and brush their teeth everyday like you (because you do floss your teeth everyday, right? Well, if you don’t, take a break reading this and GO FLOSS silly).

Hey, I said GO FLOSS. No seriously, it’s super important. Some hygienists will even argue it’s more important than brushing. So get in there. (I just Googled it for the fun of it and found over 240,000 articles that agree :0

But to come back to my pet story: yes, animal too get all sorts of dental problems. Like we do. And if a bee with no teeth (I take bee as an example because it’s like flossing: nobody understand the importance of it. Check it out, they are pretty amazing and should be protected. #savethebees #sosbees #Greenpeace) doesn’t sound like a big deal, a Lion without its bite can be life-threated. Not only he needs his strength and teeth to tear apart raw meat, chew it and feed himself, but his teeth also represent its dominance in the lion pack. His reputation can tremendously decline if he can’t show his canines, can’t bite and fight back.

So Fixodent had this amazing idea to sponsor the dental work of Mr. White Lion. I Lov’ it. How cool. @Fixodent you rock. Not only it’s a great action, but it makes a good story, and we all know that nothing else awwwws us more (yes, I think that should be a new verb: it awwws me, I’m awwwed by that, it’s so awwwww ;) than animals and babies. Or the combo of baby-animals. Ok, go take a tissue, that’s fine, I won’t judge. Crying a bit myself. #babyanimals

Take a look at the video of the King of the Savannah (hi name is Aslan), going for a little dental check-up. And by “little” I mean… hours of work on that beast! Pretty cool. I agree, with #fastcompany (my fav’ magazine btw. I’m like obsessed), “Obviously, the best way to sell denture cream is to use a majestic lion with a toothache.” DuH – Ob-Vious-Ly @jeffcbeer via @FastCoCreate. Full Article

So now… Anyone has a gorilla or a crocodile for me to use my Mouth Watchers toothbrush on? JK.

~ Violaine Gillot ~

PS: Please now do me a favor and GO FLOSS