Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush
Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush $4.99
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Youth Superior Manual Toothbrush
Youth Superior Manual Toothbrush $4.99
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Superior Power Toothbrush
Superior Power Toothbrush $19.99
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Yearly Supply of the Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush (Shipped to you every 3 months.)
Yearly Supply of the Adult Superior Manual Toothbrush (Shipped to you every 3 months.) $18.99
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A Better Toothbrush for Better Health
Mouth Watchers was founded by Dr. Ronald Plotka, a renowned Boston area dentist.  His 40 year passion for offering his patients the best oral care possible led him on a quest for a toothbrush that would truly benefit their health.  A unique combination of antimicrobial and dual layered flossing bristles™ provides the patient with THE optimal brushing experience.  The number one compliment we receive from consumers using our super toothbrush is:  “it feels like I just had a professional dental cleaning”.  This is high praise for a toothbrush.  (Learn more)


Fun Facts about Oral Health and Good Oral Hygiene

April 22, 2014

Here is a compilation of some interesting facts about the teeth, most of which you may not be aware of. Although there are intriguing facts that might raise some questions and some of these were told by our elders. Fact is, dental health is a science in itself and there is a lot more to it than it appears. Did you know? Prehistoric children never have to brush their teeth not because they don’t have toothpaste, but because they didn’t eat sugar. Babies as well as toddlers ranging in ages 5-6 have 20 baby teeth. Adults have 32 permanent teeth including the 4 wisdom teeth. Cats have 30 teeth. Dogs have 42 teeth. There is one out of 2000 babies...

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Periodontal diseases related to Oral Cancer

April 07, 2014

  According to a new study by researchers from Case Western Reserve University (Journal of Virology, February 5, 2014), byproducts in the form of small-chain fatty acids from two bacteria prevalent in periodontal disease incite the growth of deadly Kaposi's sarcoma (KS)-related oral lesions and tumors. The discovery could lead to early saliva testing for the bacteria, which, if found, could be treated and monitored for signs of cancer and before it develops into a malignancy, researchers say. "These new findings provide one of the first looks at how the periodontal bacteria create a unique microenvironment in the oral cavity that contributes to the replication the Kaposi's sarcoma Herpesvirus (KSHV) and development of KS," said Fengchun Ye, the study's lead...

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